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Metal and earth

Building the walls today with the steel rebar. Peter is always inventing ways in which to speed up the process and this was his new creation for making process super quick.
Trialing new ways to build the walls using clay. Stuck to the rebar pretty well. We mixed sand, clay, pine wood chips and water to make this sticky formula. Just watching to see how it dries and will be exploring straw and other mixtures to find the right mix.
Wove wire to rebar to reinforce bottom to walls leaving gap so we can infill with clay mixture. Walls will be 200mm and straw/woodchip will provide insulation for walls.

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Progress on the yard front

Today was an outdoor day getting the yard prepped and ready to start our first build…looking more organised and ready for action! Peter taught me how to use some fancy tools including a hammer (he is a patient wizard). Cut and bent two walls for the ‘moko haven’ foundations…should call it the yard gym
Even managed to set up a compost heap for when we begin our gnome garden. Hoping Raewyn inspires this project too
Peter is continually thinking and creating molds for designs to inspire us both. It’s a big journey but together and with others…we might just be able to build some magic!


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