How they are made

November 2019: There have been a few good developments and I’m noting them here, prior to actually building! First, the roof and pillars and footing are still ferrocement (see my, but the non-loadbearing walls and probably ceiling will we think in future be of AIRCRETE (see on Youtube the various videos on this method – there’s a lot of experimenting there, and conflicting ideas sometimes, but I’ve sorted through and made one of the designs offered to make the detergent foam which when mixed with cement slurry makes a lighter than water mix, which can be cast into blocks or poured into wall forms etc, and which gives plenty of insulation – now no need for fibre insulation such as fiberglass (Pink Batts etc)  or wool. This is great! It’s like the commercially sold Hebel, but DIY and cheaper.


This was the state of the art back in 2015:

Ferrocement (q.v. my is the physical strength of all havens;but this still allows such things as interior wood trim, desks, shelves etc; and interior walls of clay plaster if desired. I am calling the particular method I am now developing (28/4/15) for the Dream Havens ‘Hybrid Wattle and Daub’.

The hybrid wattle and daub method of haven construction (invented by the Wizard of Eutopia) uses cast ‘nautical’ concrete arches and woven wire ‘wattles’ in two layers, plastered outside with a waterproof nautical plaster ‘daub’ as used in  ferrocement keelers, and inside either with white plaster for a whitewash panel and beam effect or using your own local clay ‘daub’ for a more rustic (and local) feel.
Between the layers is your choice of insulation – wool, fibreglass or polyester.
The arched beams are partly exposed, and inside can be capped with wood, stained in a stone finish, or painted.
All in all, a nice solid English farm cottage or Hobbithole construction (or Elven if you wish, with carved features and fittings), with permanent, non-toxic materials to last you well into the Fifth Age.

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