Hobbithaven, now Dreamhaven, started when I (Peter Harris, aka ‘wizard of Eutopia’, founder of Cafe Eutopia) went flying recently (March 2015) and saw Air New Zealand’s ‘Middle Earth’ safety video. I thought, New Zealand IS Middle Earth, and my Tolkien-inspired architecture and cabins (which I’ve been planning and made a model of) should refer to this rich hinterland. Recently I broadened the name to include the various styles I will be building in – Hobbity, Elven and Aedenic, to name a few…

Based in Gisborne, at Dreamspace Gallery and workshops, 61 Carnarvon St., we plan to use ferrocement as sometimes used in boats and other structures requiring lightness and great strength. Better than fibreglass from an environmental and health standpoint, and actually more durable and I think aesthetically much nicer. Not ‘plasticy’ like fibreglass – much more like stone! We plan to line the havens with plenty of nice untreated but durable wood, with tree elbows and other traditional features; and for doors and windows to design and make our own bronze fittings.

For info on me, see www.wizardofeutopia.com 

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