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A Desk With a View is one of the good things in Life

Here is an advantage of the polystyrene slab construction of the cabin, though I won’t be using it normally. I dug out some foot-room under the window in the tiny space so I could sit at the beloved window and write… The desk is an oak board on a swiveling pedestal of steel I bought ages ago. It can swivel for the gentle art of writing in bed, too, which I am employing now!

The view, I realise is currently of a pile of old tyre strips for raised beds and the unfinished yard. But beyond are the trees and sky… The laptop I put Hobbithaven on to cover up the irritating upside-down Toshiba logo which always used to make me try to open the thing upside down. Grr.. so much for  putting marketing above the customer’s convenience (the lid, of course when open showed the logo right way up from the other side) Here at Hobbit Haven we put Hobbits first (and Elves and wizards, men of the West  and Dwarves of course!).

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